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Jute, a natural fiber, is an auspicious gift of Mother Earth to mankind for the last thousands of years.  Jute has been used by humans as a packaging material - Not only in India but also in many other countries like UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany etc. From the last quarter of the 20th century, many cheaper and alternate materials have been invented and used as packaging materials. But many of these new packaging materials are synthetic and non-biodegradable. As far as, the expanding environmental perception around the world has affected their use with backdrops - these resulted in bringing Jute back as a much environment friendly and the main packaging material.

As per data, the Jute sector of India provides employment to an average of 4 million people - out of which 0.50 million workers are engaged with organized mills. That is like support to over 3.5 million farmer families in India.

The usage of Jute in making its variety of products has a strong increasing trend day by day, mainly due to its Eco-friendly cum Economical character. Besides, the contemporary usage of Jute which has turned up very strongly in the last couple of decades as multipurpose Jute bags, food-grade Jute bags for the coffee and tea industry, blending Jute with other fibers like cotton, synthetic wool for the apparel industry, Jute particle board, Jute floor coverings, carpets and doormats etc, and a lot. It is also being tried to produce quality paper from Jute.

Now, about the Jute industry of India - to check if it has a sustainable future in India and booming market over abroad. We have seen earlier that Jute has many advantages of being the most Eco-friendly and bio-degradable fiber, but as it cost a little bit higher as compared to other cheap synthetic material -Jute industry and its products have been facing a huge issue. At the same time, although the rate of domestic consumption of Jute as a packaging material has little bit declined, but the procurement and sales of other different Jute products have been going up. Besides that, the export quantity and potential of Jute-made unique products have multiplied over four times in the last ten years. Hence, this proves that this Golden Fiber is having potential and has a sustainable and bright future in long run for India.

For continuing the sustainable growth and provide a better experience for overseas users Indian Government taking care of some issues like scientific jute cultivation and harvesting process, modernizing the industry by installing modern and efficient machinery in place of obsolete machinery to improve the efficiency and productivity cum quality of Jute products, supporting the industry by introducing a capital interest subsidy so that the Jute industry gets capital from banks/financial institutions to make the project financially non-viable. Besides these, market research is being conducted by government organizations to develop new/innovative products to boost the demand for Jute in the domestic and foreign market, large scale awareness being organized by the industry and the government in India to position Jute on the top of the world map as the most effective eco-friendly, bio-degradable fiber of the future. This will boost up the demand of Jute very effectively in the domestic as well as export market - Which will also result in the improvement of their efficiency and productivity as well as the quality of the Jute goods produced by them. All these points to one thing - Jute items of India is having potential of Bull Run in overseas market.

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