Waarom Canvas Bags beter zijn dan ledertassen?

Voordat wij een ledertas willen kopen/gebruiken moeten wij ervan

bewust zijn waar het leder vandaan komt.

Leder wordt gemaakt van verschillende soorten huiden van dieren,

voornamelijk koeien, schapen en geiten. Leder wordt vervaardigd in

verschillende soorten producten zoals; tassen, riemen, schoenen,

portemonnees, jassen en andere klein lederwaren.

Er zijn een aantal belangrijke feiten die u moet weten voordat u

lederwaren koopt. Aan het einde van dit artikel zult u met mij eens zijn

Advantages and disadvantages of jute/canvas

Advantages of Jute:

1. Fashionable/Natural look

2. Low chemical consumption during the manufacturing process of jute fabrics so it's completely Eco friendly

3. Cheap

4. Durable

Disadvantages of Jute:

1. Exact printing impression will not come as per digital impression for promotional bags

2. Longevity is lower than canvas

3. Not washable




Advantages of Canvas:

1. Durable

2. Exact printing impression will come as per digital impression

3. Longevity is higher than jute

Why Jute Promotional Bags or Cotton Promotional Bags?

When you buy a promotional bag, you should think about the branding scope of your business through the promotional bag. This is a method of direct marketing through a promotional bag because your client will use this bag & your brand will be expanded by the bag easily. So if you can choose a bag which is eco-friendly, durable, fashionable & cost effective then that would be a great idea to use that bag for promotional purpose. Verbal recommendation is always valuable than a commercial advertisement such as TV, News paper or journal.

Why Canvas Fashion Bags are better than the Leather Bags?

Before buying/using a leather bag we should know the source of leather. Leather is obtained from the skin of various type of animals mainly cows, sheeps and goats. Leather is used to manufacture various products like bags, belts, shoes, purses, jackets and other small leather items. There are few important facts that you should know before using a leather product. End of this article you would agree with me that leather products should be neglected as much as we can and we have to change the way we look the leather items. Some people use leather products to maintain status.

Looking for a 100% Eco friendly promotional bags for your brand?

At this moment using Plastic Bag is a global issue. So most of the developed countries are looking for biodegradable bags. Now few countries are trying to establish that non woven PP Bags are biodegradable Bags & best alternative of Plastic Bags. But this information is wrong. PP will take more than 100 years for bio-degradation.
So is it really biodegradable bag and 100% Eco friendly bag?

Is paper bags the best alternative of Plastic Bags?

Most of the people think that Paper Bag is the best alternative of Plastic Bags. But unfortunately the idea is wrong. Recycled Paper comes from Tree so we have to cut many trees for getting the same. Ultimately Paper Bags are not much better than Plastic Bags in respect of environmental issue.

Then what’s the best option?

Natural & Reusable Bag is best option. Natural bags come from natural fibre and the fibres come from small plants.

Should We not Love Nature?

We the humans are living in this world with all our required facilities. There are many other creatures who cannot use most of the facilities which are available to us in this world. We never think of the posible outcomes from using these facilites. Now the time has come to think forward to a positive future. When at the first time we used fire many years ago then never thought that it could harm our environment. Now we are discovering with the application of science which is helpful or harmful to us. But still we are not conscious about our environment.

Why Jute Shopping Bag is best alternative of Plastic Bag?

Using of Plastic Bag is now a global issue. It has a dangerous effect on our environment. So if we want to save our planet, we have to find an alternative of Plastic Bags. We have a natural fabric Jute which is very cheap & durable. We are making bags with this fabric which is 100 % Biodegradable. So our Jute Bags are completely safe for our environment.

Why Juta Bags?

  • Juta Bags are 100 % Biodegradable & Eco friendly
  • Durable enough
  • Reusable so you can save your both money & environment
  • Juta Bags look stylish & elegant. It’s available in different colours also.
  • It’s very cheap
  • Juta bags are mostly 3 dimensional so it has enough space to carry goods.
  • It's available with various shades.

What is Jute?

Jute is a plant based fibre which can be spun in coarse, strong threads. Golden colour is the main & special feature of this fibre. This fibre is used to make Hessian or Burlap & Gunny Cloth. This fibre is collected from the bast or skin of the Jute Plant. This is the most affordable 100 % natural fibre after Cotton. Since this is a valuable natural fibre & it has golden colour so it is called "The Golden Fibre".